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Mentor Debuts Software Platform For Atmel MCUs

In order to unlock the full performance of Atmel devices, Mentor Graphics Corp. has launched a software platform integrated, validated, and optimized for the AT91SAM9 ARM926EJ-S-based microcontrollers. The platform provides developers an out-of-the-box foundation they can use to more quickly and cost-efficiently create, integrate, and deliver “smart” user interfaces.

The Atmel AT91SAM9 ARM9-based microcontrollers target smart control panel solutions across a broad range of applications. These include white goods, medical, printing, security systems, Internet tablets, electronic books, ATM machines, game pads and remote controls. The Nucleus-based platform offers a complete and robust development environment enabling application developers to deliver a quality user experience with less time and effort.

Traditionally, implementing interfaces with audio and video content and advanced visual effects like animation and one-click re-theming required weeks of development effort. The Nucleus platform’s full-featured real-time operating system and advanced UI engine allow developers to build, test, and modify applications rapidly with drag-and-drop tools and deploy them without any modification to the underlying software stack.

To enable application software development by in-house teams or independent software vendors, the Nucleus platform is complemented by end-to-end tools including a C++ compiler, debugger, profiler, drag and drop UI designer, and host simulation environment, as well as a JTAG probe.

Mentor Graphics Corp

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