MFi Lightning Dev Kit Delivers Advanced Audio To Apple Devices

MFi Lightning Dev Kit Delivers Advanced Audio To Apple Devices

The CY8CKIT-033A PSoC 3 MFi Digital Audio Development Kit for Lightning presents a comprehensive development and reference-design platform for bit-perfect consumer audio (speaker docks, FM transmitters, headphones, game controllers, etc.) and music creation (pianos/keyboards, guitars, synthesizers, mixers, DJ turntables, USB audio, etc.) accessory products. These products would specifically connect to Apple’s iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices, such as Sonoma Wire Works’ GuitarJack; TASCAM’s iM2, iM2X, and iXJ2 microphones; and others. Cypress’ kit includes license-free reference hardware and firmware that comes close to a finished product. It works with any Core Audio- or Core MIDI-compatible iOS applications (e.g., Apple’s GarageBand). When using the company’s EA Console iOS application to jump-start development with the External Accessory framework, communication is possible between apps and accessories attached to an Apple iOS device. The platform features 16-/24-bit audio with a 44.1-/48-kHz (and up to 96 kHz) sampling rate.


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