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Microkernel RTOS Adds Wear-Level Flash Memory Manager

Microkernel RTOS Adds WearLevel Flash Memory Manager Green Hills Software's �µ-velOSity 2.2 small-footprint real-time operating system (RTOS) uses as little as 1600 bytes of program memory and 1000 bytes of RAM. Also, it now includes a wear-leveling, fault-tolerant flash management system for flash memory. This can be used in conjunction with µï¿½-File, a PC-compatible file system that supports the POSIX, C standard I/O, and C++ I/O streams interfaces. The OS supports �µ-USB (a USB device management system), the GHNet network protocol stack, and applications that include support for TCP/IP and SNMP. Royalty-free licenses start at $9500.


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