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Middleware For VoIP App Developers

Specifically designed for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) application developers, the upSuite High Availability software package is designed to deliver a seamless method for turning VoIP applications into Central Office products with 99.999% reliability. The core technology of the middleware implements IP disk mirroring at wireline speeds. IP disk writes can be implemented at speeds from 10 MB/s to as fast as 200 MB/s, while fail-over can be tuned to 500 ms or less. upSuite consists of five modules that handle all of the low-level system calls for low-level IP I/O devices. The modules include: upDisk, a kernel-level virtual file system; upBeat, providing tunable heartbeats; upRules, a state table for maintaining raised and error conditions; upAgent, a Simple Network Management Protocol aggregator; and upState, a library and API that employs checkpoint memory based data to a backup processor. Currently running on SPARC and Intel versions of Solaris, prices for upSuite start at $5,000 per node.


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