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Miniature Field Indicator Is Field Configurable

Three setpoint alarms and a NEMA4 front panel that fits into a standard 1/32 DIN cutout make the VisiPak Model V132 field-configurable, miniature indicator an option for a variety of process and temperature measurement applications, especially where panel space is limited. The unit can be configured to accept virtually any process variable or temperature input and come, with 85 to 265 vac or 20 to 29 vdc power options and a digital I/O terminal that can be configured to accept an alarm input, or to provide a TTL signal or relay output. The triple setpoint alarms can be configured as high or low, latching or non-latching.Additional features include an alarm blocking function to prevent alarms from tripping during a system's start-up mode. Terminal connections are provided for remote push-button alarm acknowledgements.

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