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Mixed Language Development Environment Now Supports LynuxWorks

The Eclipse-based OpenArbor mixed-language development environment now supports the FAA-certified LynxOS-178 real-time operating system, allowing developers working with any combination of Ada, C, and Embedded C++ (EC++) to deploy safety-critical applications on LynxOS-178 target systems certifiable to DO-178B Level A. Reportedly, LynxOS-178 enhances safety and security by using Virtual Machine brick-wall partitions that prevent system events in one RTOS partition from interfering with events in another. Each partition behaves as if it were running on its own separate computer. OpenArbor, a mixed-language, object-oriented IDE, combines optimizing compilers and libraries for C and Embedded C++ with the SCORE mixed-language debugger. The debugger features an intuitive multi-window GUI, project management support, and automated build/make utilities. It recognizes C/EC++, Ada, and Fortran syntax/expressions, and can view objects, expressions, call chains, execution traces, interspersed machine code, machine registers, and program stacks. Available immediately for LynxOS-178, pricing for the core configuration starts at $5,000. DDC-I Inc., Phoenix, AZ. (602) 275-7172.

Company: DDC-I Inc.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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