Electronic Design

Mixin' Linux And VxWorks

Wind River makes its largest announcement in years, and I have one paragraph to describe it. At the head of the list is Wind River Workbench 2.2, which is now based on Eclipse 3.0. It handles multicore and multilanguage development. It also supports both Linux and VxWorks, making it the centerpiece for other new offerings such as the General Purpose Platform based on VxWorks 6.0. The platform implements TIPC (Transparent Interprocess Communication Protocol) for linking VxWorks and Linux. It combines a collection of stacks, including support for USB 2.0, IPv4/IPv6, security with SSL, SNMP, and a Web services stack with XML, SOAP, and UDDI support. The Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition and VxWorks Edition, incorporates a Carrier Grade Linux distribution targeted at AdvancedTCA and CompactPCI communication systems. Other platforms include Industrial Devices and Consumer Devices for VxWorks. The overall thrust is designed to provide a complete solution in a single package for one-stop shopping.


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