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Mobile-Design Solution Fills Development Needs

It seems that the creation of mobile-computing devices may have just gotten easier. In part, the credit for this improvement should go to the new Metrowerks OpenPDA platform and CodeWarrior for OpenPDA Application Development Tools. The OpenPDA platform is a comprehensive development solution. It combines professional-grade tools and commercial software with integration services and training.

This platform's goal is to speed and simplify the creation of mobile and network-connected computing devices. Specifically, it targets the devices that are powered by the Linux operating system and Java technology. Among the application areas for which this platform would be especially valuable are the enterprise, industrial, and consumer markets.

The Metrowerks OpenPDA platform is designed particularly for systems based on ARM and MIPS technologies. It includes a pre-integrated framework, which contains a graphical user interface (GUI) and Java technology combined with a Linux operating-system kernel. This combination works to significantly reduce development cycles and speed overall time to market. The platform also offers the Metrowerks Platform Creation Suite. This intuitive GUI-based, embedded-Linux development environment is used to configure, build, and deploy the OpenPDA platform.

The platform also flaunts the Code-Warrior IDE, which is integrated with the multi-language user interface Qt/Qtopia development kit. That IDE also contains the embedded-Linux OS source code from Metrowerks. In addition, the OpenPDA platform boasts integrated middleware and applications from leading vendors, such as the Esmertec integrated Java Virtual Machine and the Opera Software full-featured Web browser. It even offers extended capabilities, such as desktop-synchronization utilities and mobile networking. To encourage improved system performance and reliability, an enhanced Linux kernel and drivers are included.

The OpenPDA Platform Creation Suite and the CodeWarrior tool suite for OpenPDA are now available. Professional services like configuration, optimization, system analysis, and testing also are available. Contact the company directly for pricing information.

7700 West Parmer Ln., Austin, TX 78729; (512) 996-5300, FAX: (512) 996-4910, www.metrowerks.com.

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