Electronic Design
Module Delivers Low-Cost Time/Frequency Synch

Module Delivers Low-Cost Time/Frequency Synch

With an eye on base stations and smart grids, the M50-34 module promises high accuracy time and frequency synchronization for time and frequency masters as well as time subscribing devices. The module brings the complete subsystem for a synchronized network interface down into a singular device incorporating all the electronic components between the Ethernet transformer and the main processor. In addition to reducing component counts, simpler layouts, and lower board-manufacturing costs, software development time is reduced to, at most, implementing HMI commands for the system integration to change a default configuration. Operating out of the box, the module enables any device with an Ethernet interface to synchronize to a PTP master clock in the network at 100-ns accuracy by re-wiring the Ethernet interface. The M50-34 should be sampling now. Conemtech AB, Kista, Sweden. +46 8 750 7850.


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