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Module Facilitates Sensor Datalogging

A GPS datalogging system now uses a small sapphire GPS module, making it easy to build a custom position datalogger to store location and other sensor information onto CompactFlash cards for later review. Pressures, temperatures, rotation rates, doors open/closed and other information can be collected by the TDS202GDL module in Excel PC-compatible format. Satellite-fed position information on latitude, longitude, date and time from a GPS receiver can be stored for later importing into a PC spreadsheet program. The module can run for months on a small battery, and PCMCIA or Compact Flash data storage cards can be used in remote logging applications. Application areas include agriculture, security, transport, boats, surveys, and searches. Users can retrieve the data by putting the memory card in a PC, or by uploading data through a serial or USB port. The sapphire global positioning system receiver is housed in a small hemisphere with a strong magnetic base, easily placed on a vehicle roof. The TDS2020F computer beneath it can turn off the GPS receiver to save power. The module is priced at $835 and can be tailored to specific requirements. SAELIG COMPANY INC., Fairport, NY. (585) 425-3753.


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