Electronic Design

Module Takes A Spin

The Propeller chip (see "Eight 32-Bit Cores Take Flight In Multiprocessor Microcontroller" at www.electronicdesign.com, ED Online 12235) has found a home in the $59 24-pin SpinStamp Microcontroller module from Parallax. It is the same form factor as the Basic Stamp. The Propeller packs eight 32-bit processors. Each has32 kbytes of RAM and 32 kbytes of ROM. They' reprogrammed using the Spin programming language. This 3.3-V part contains its own voltage-regulator accepting a 5.5- to 12-V power source. It can be bypassed with a 5-V regulated source. Only half of the Propeller's 32 I/O pins are available on the module.

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