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Modules Offer 32 Different Tones

These enhanced microprocessor-based universal tone modules can register any one of 32 different tones, including eight unique European-style tones. The SelecTone modules are used to generate tones in a single SelecTone speaker/amplifier or for plant-wide signaling in a SelecTone command center. Touted as the leading audible signaling and evacuation system for industries, the SelecTone line of plant-wide audible signaling devices is designed with multiple tone, public address and digital messaging capabilities. The enhanced module is 100% compatible with all SelecTone products, so current users can add new tones to existing systems. Tone selection is accomplished by setting five DIP switches in any one of 32 configurations. The 32 options include standard and specialty tones with a variety of whoops, stutters, sweeps, sirens, bells, buzzers, ringers, and horns. European-style tones include the Euro-general alarm, Euro-police, and Euro-toxic alarm signals. In addition to a plastic cover impregnated with stainless steel fibers, the unit also protects the circuitry it contains from RFI and EMI. An edge connector makes installation simple. FEDERAL SIGNAL CORP., University Park, IL. (708) 534-4756.


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