Monitor 1000s Of Sensors 100 Times/s With Eight-Channel Instrument

Monitor 1000s Of Sensors 100 Times/s With Eight-Channel Instrument

The RTS125 distributed fiber-optic sensing solution simultaneously monitors tens of thousands of strain or temperature sensors up to 100 times per second. Developed by 4DSP, the rugged instrument’s virtually weightless sensor arrays enable its use with structures of any nature, or be embedded into critical applications, where real-time changes must be monitored with precision. It’s possible to measure many different parameters with the single system—Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) enable the extraction of environmental parameters, such as strain loads and temperature gradients, continuously along the entire length of the sensor. It also can be used to sense and display the 3D shape of a sensor with a resolution down to 450 µm. Beyond its eight fiber-optic sensing channels, other features include 2048 equally spaced sensors per fiber, 0.1- to 10-cm spatial resolution, under-50-ms latency, up to 100-Hz refresh rate, resistance to EMF/RF interference and radiation, and Ethernet networking capability. Applications include aerospace, automotive, oil/gas, and medical industries, as well as wind turbines and structural health monitoring.


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