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mSATA SSDs Boost Embedded-Storage Reliability

mSATA SSDs Boost Embedded-Storage Reliability

Reliability, small footprint, and low power draw characterize sTec’s s260 mSATA solid-state drives (SSDs). Thus, the SSDs, which feature a 6-Gbit/s Serial ATA (SATA) interface, will suit embedded-storage applications in rugged, space-conscious environments, such as OS booting, data logging, code-storage/application hosting, caching, and fast data backup. The drives draw a mere 1.5 W, and integrate sTec’s PowerSafe technology to enhance reliability. They comply with JEDEC-defined MO-300A and MO-300B (mSATA mini) standards. Operating temperature ranges from −40 to 85°C. The s260 SSDs employ single-level cell (SLC) and enterprise multi-level cell (eMLC) flash memory; capacities range between 16 and 200 Gbytes. An error-correction coding (ECC) scheme helps assure data integrity. In terms of size, they measure less than half of the standard 2.5-in. form factor.


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