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Multicore Embedded Debug Coordinates Multiple Tools

Debugging multicore projects isn't easy, but proper system design can significantly improve debugging capabilities and speed. Performance is critical given the large amounts of data moving within a multicore chip. So, advanced on-chip instrumentation, tracing, and breakpoint facilities are necessary.

First Silicon Solutions' (FS2) Multicore Embedded Debug (MED) system provides a range of on-chip services designers can incorporate into a system's design. FS2's HyperJTAG supports four cores. HyperDebug delivers system-level event detection, triggering, and timestamping. Bus Navigator instruments the embedded system bus. MED designs can include third-party debug blocks.

MED uses a HyperJTAG probe to link third-party JTAG probes to on-chip hardware. It also provides interface and support software for the PC being used to debug a multicore system. This software allows third-party debugging tools to access the related CPU core and other on-chip debug information independently of each other. The same tools can be used for simulation and FPGA testing.

First Silicon Solutions

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