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Multiple Loop Controller Sits In 1/8 DIN Package

The D8 Series controllers offer DeviceNet-compatibility and PID control of four or eight loops, all within a compact 1/8 DIN package. The controllers comply with ODVA and Semiconductor SIG specifications, allowing them to be incorporated into systems built on DeviceNet networks or CAN. The D8 Series supports multiple types of sensor inputs, including thermocouples, RTDs, linear voltage, and current. And each loop can be individually configured for on-off or PID control, and the loops can be combined to achieve cascade, ratio or differential control. Advanced utilities, such as auto-tune, cascade and ratio control, provide users with multiple options to maximize performance. Auto-tune optimizes control, while cascade helps minimize overshoot and improves control in systems with excessive thermal lag. Ratio and differential control allow users to enhance control in systems where the relationship between two or more loops is critical. D8 controllers also include a sealed micro-connector. WATLOW ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING CO., St. Louis, MO. (800) 492-8569.


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