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Multiprocessor Extension Powers Hardware-in-the-Loop Technology

Multiprocessor Extension Powers Hardware-in-the-Loop Technology

Thanks to its new extension for a multiprocessor simulation platform, dSPACE can connect several SCALEXIO multicore processing units to create powerful simulation platforms for real-time computation. SCALEXIO is the company’s latest hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) technology. The extension makes it possible to develop embedded systems requiring computationally intensive, high-fidelity simulation models to handle validation and verification tasks in complex vehicle systems. Combining existing SCALEXIO systems used for unit-level testing can also create system-level, or entire-vehicle-level integration testing platforms. Systems are able to be coupled by interconnecting processing units via the company’s IOCNET network technology. IOCNET also connect SCALEXIO processing units to existing HIL simulators with dSPACE DS1005, DS1006, and DS1007 processor boards.


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