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Navsync’s GPS Sensor Modules Pack All The Ingredients

Designed for GPS applications, the CW45A and CW46 GPS sensor modules integrate a CW25 GPS receiver, dc/dc converter, RS-232, RS-422, and USB interface options, and an active GPS antenna in small IP56-rated enclosures. The CW45A is a GPS navigational module, while the CW46 is a GPS timing module. The CW25 GPS receiver is designed specifically for acquiring and tracking in weak signal areas. Both modules acquire satellite-signal levels down to –155 dBm with network assisted ephemeris data. The CW46 module, employing the CW25-TIM GPS receiver, performs as a complete timing module capable of outputting a disciplined frequency up to 10 MHz that can achieve full PRC MTIE performance in good signal areas. Prices for the CW45A and CW46 are $148 and $176 each/1,000, respectively. NAVSYNC LTD., Aurora, IL. (630) 236-3026.


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