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.NET Gains Graphical Programming Environment

Microsoft .NET's common language runtime (CLR) gets the support of another language courtesy of Softwire Technology's Softwire for Visual Studio .NET. This visual programming environment is an enhanced version of Softwire for Visual Basic. Visual programming has been proven to have a minimal learning curve. The environment is well suited to process-control systems.

Applications are developed by dragging and dropping components onto a canvas and wiring them up by connecting component inputs and outputs. Custom and compound components can be created. The product comes with a variety of standard components to support features like e-mail, database access, and network communications. Softwire applications can interface with other .NET languages such as C#.

Softwire for Visual Studio .NET is available for $495. All run-time applications may be distributed royalty-free.

Softwire Technology, (508) 946-8900; www.softwire.com.

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