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New Graphics For Nucleus

Mentor Graphics’ Nucleus RTOS got a face lift with the latest version of Mentor’s Inflexion Platform Multimedia Feature Pack for Nucleus OS. The combination is targeted at compact platforms like mobile phones, personal media players and set-top boxes.

The Inflexion Feature Pack splits content from presentation and it is based on the OpenMAX API. OpenMAX provides standard audio and video interfaces allowing interchange of multimedia codecs. OpenMAX is managed by the Khronos Group. OpenMAX has been around for a couple years and is supported by a range of companies.

Still, OpenMAX is only an API. It is Inflexion that provides the guts of the system including support for cameras, telephony and so on. The Inflexion Platform UI Designer is a Windows IDE for creating and testing graphical interfaces. These designs can then be downloaded to a device allowing easy changes to the user interface without modification of source code.

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