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New RTOSs And TCP/IP Stacks Extend 16-Bit Processor Support

Extended support is provided for Infineon 16-bit 80C16x and STMicroelectronics ST10 series processors with three new real-time operating systems (CMX-RTX, CMX-Tiny+ and CMX-RTXS) and two specialized TCP/IP stacks (CMX TCP/IP and CMX-MicroNet). The CMX-RTX provides more than 70 kernel services within a single API and features an extensive function library. For processors that have a small amount of program memory, the CMX-Tiny+ sports a lean kernel and does not need external RAM. Claimed to be the fastest commercial RTOS for 16-bit devices, the CMX-RTXS is designed to tap the 80C16x and ST-10 processors's register bank-switching scheme, which is normally used for interrupts, but is here used for tasks-tasks are here looked at as pieces of code that perform a certain job, but not at the interrupt level. The CMX TCP/IP is a full-featured, RFC-compliant TCP/IP stack for all application layer protocols. The CMX-MicroNet is a scaled-down version with a total ROM footprint of less than 20 Kb. Pricing for the operating systems starts at $2,000 for a single user and the TCP/IP stacks start at $5,500. CMX SYSTEMS INC., Framingham, MA. (508) 872-7675.


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