New Version Of Medical-Device OS Helps Cut Development Costs

New Version Of Medical-Device OS Helps Cut Development Costs

QNX Software Systems, a subsidiary of BlackBerry, released a new version of its operating system (OS) for medical devices—QNX OS for Medical 1.1. Compliant with the IEC 62304 medical device standard for software lifecycle processes, the OS helps reduce the cost of developing devices that require regulatory approval from agencies (e.g., the FDA, MDD, and MHRA), such as robotic surgical instruments, patient-monitoring systems, infusion pumps, blood-analysis system, and other safety-critical products. The OS supports both single- and multi-core devices based on ARMv7 and Intel x86 processors. It also offers API compatibility with other QNX OS family members. Its flexible user-interface technology can blend together applications and components created with the Qt framework, HTML5, OpenGL ES, Crank Storyboard, video, and other sources.



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