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Nexus Trace Tackles Time Warp

Debugging complex real-time problems may become easier thanks to the new SuperTrace Probe combined with TimeMachine, a diagnostic application for analyzing trace data.

The SuperTrace Probe contains a considerable 1 Gbyte of SDRAM with a 1-Gbyte/s low-voltage differential signaling cable. It supports data-collection speeds in excess of 300 MHz using a JTAG clock over 100 MHz. It also supports PowerPC 405/440 processors and a range of ARM processors, such as the ARM7, ARM9, and ARM10 (including Arm's Embedded Trace Macrocell, or ETM). And, SuperTrace supports serial, USB, and Ethernet host interfaces and Nexus-compatible interfaces.

TimeMachine is integrated with the Multi development system. It uses trace information from Green Hills' probes, such as SuperTrace. The CodeReplay feature lets developers scan forward and backward through a trace that shows how execution proceeded through the source code. TimeMachine can also operate on data obtained from Green Hills' software simulator tools. Profiling and event analysis support are provided as well.

Pricing for the SuperTrace Probe starts at $9900. TimeMachine, including the Multi development system, costs $17,900.

Green Hills Software

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