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No-Cost Motion Control Software Packs Simulator And MMI Tools

To speed the development of motion-control applications without hardware, the user-friendly Application Development Kit (ADK) software features simulation and motion machine interface (MMI) tools to minimize setup, tuning, and programming time. The software enables the implementation of both complex motion-time-event sequences with positioning and timing, and simpler applications, i.e., point-to-point control. Compatible with the company's SPiiPlus motion controllers, its simulator tool models an ideal closed-loop servo system, allowing users to develop multi-axis controller programs in a PC environment without motion control hardware. The simulator allows simultaneous application development by multiple users, simulation of all fault conditions, and includes MMI functionality, which provides program and motion management, configuration, system analysis, servo tuning, programming, parameter viewing, I/O monitoring, and safety tools. Available free of charge for download at the company's website, ADK software supports stand-alone application programming or host-dependant application programming with C++, Visual Basic, and LabVIEW. Additionally, it supports up to eight axes of digital control and allows up to 10 programs to execute simultaneously. ACS MOTION CONTROL, Plymouth, MN. (800) 545-2980.


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