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Numerical Analysis Tool Goes Multicore

Matlab 7.4 targets large datasets and productivity improvements. Developed by the Mathworks, it also supports Windows Vista (see the figure). As one of the top applications for algorithm development, data analysis, and numerical computation, Matlab and its 2D and 3D visualization tools can aggregate large amounts of information in real time.

This latest version takes advantage of 64-bit multicore platforms with improved, multithreaded, cache-aware libraries. The just-in-time (JIT) compiler optimizes element-wise array operations common in many applications.

Also, MLint now operates while a developer is typing (see "Updated Modeling Tools Wrangle With Larger Projects"). It additionally provides advice based on the current context.

The editor now performs cursor-based delimiter matching of statements like if/then/else in addition to the parenthesis matching already available. An undo option has been added to the array editor as well.

New function support includes a parser class that makes initial argument passing a snap. An added Assert function allows basic programming by contract support to be included in an application.

The Mathworks

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