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One-Chip Audio Processor Accommodates New HD Formats

A single-chip audio processor from Cirrus Logic, the CS49700, is designed to meet the demanding processing tasks associated with the next-generation HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc DVD high-definition formats. The chip permits mass-market mid- and low-tier home theater products. It supports two primary audio decode surround-sound standards, Dolby Digital and DTS. For the Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats, the CS49700 also accommodates Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS Master, and DTS High Resolution surround-sound audio algorithms. The clock-frequency challenges presented by multiple audio formats are managed by an advanced phase-locked loop (PLL) that generates a system clock source.

With its 32-bit, dual-core structure, the CS49700 generates true parallel processing power of 1.8 giga-operations per second (300 million instructions per second). The device also offers such post-processing algorithms as Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS 96/24, Neo:6, MPEG, AAC, SRS Circle Surround II, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Virtual Speaker, SRS Tru-Surround XT and THX Ultra2, which are built into the IC’s on-chip ROM. The processor also supports the HDMI 1.3 interface, the emerging digital audio and video interconnect standard that is used to send digital audio and video signals between home theater equipment, such as A/V receivers, DVD players and flat-panel televisions. The CS49700 comes in a 144-pin LQFP.


The CS49700 is in volume production.


The CS49700 costs $7.50 in quantities of 100,000.


Visit www.cirrus.com.

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