Electronic Design

Online Design Tool Explores Small-Signal RF Transistors

The result of a team effort between AWR, Transim Technology, and NXP Semiconductors, the SimPort Design Center for design exploration of NXP’s small-signal RF transistors provides a variety of online design solutions such as an interactive datasheet for small-signal RF transistors. The environment enlists technology from all three companies and enables users to generate custom data sheets for a variety of operating conditions, which reportedly is not possible from the nominal conditions found in traditional PDF-based datasheets. AWR’s Microwave Office and Visual System Simulator design suites are showcased within NXP’s SimPort Design Center in order to provide instantaneous performance analysis of test circuits and to populate characteristics within the interactive datasheet itself. AWR CORP., El Segundo, CA. (310) 726-3000. NXP SEMICONDUCTORS, USA. (800) 447-1500. Transim Technology Corp., Portland, OR. (503) 450-1355.


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