Open Linux Commerical Distribution/Ecosystem Targets Popular Dev Boards

Open Linux Commerical Distribution/Ecosystem Targets Popular Dev Boards

Enea’s “Open Enea Linux” community is a fully open Linux commercial distribution and ecosystem for a range of popular development boards. It offers light, portable embedded distribution with desktop-like scalability, and includes an open-source, Eclipse-based suite of development tools. Open Enea Linux, a binary distribution, is based on the poky example distro from the Yocto Project. It includes multiple layers to add more functionality on top of OE-core. With a simple flick of the package manager, the core concept helps make it easier to use, adapt, and extend embedded devices. The Web site’s “Deploy” section provides prebuilt images and instructions for on-target deployment. The “Develop” section offers prebuilt toolchains and the Eclipse-based tools, together with instructions and video tutorials. Tools include the cross-compiler for application development, debugging and profiling target applications, rebuilding full-fledged file-system images, and running qemu simulations. The first board to be supported, the TWR-P1025, comes via an alliance between Enea and Freescale Semiconductor.



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