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Open Source GNU Compiler Supports Java

Java application developers have access to high-performance, open-source Java development tools for Linux and embedded systems with firm's GNU Compiler Java Edition (GCJ), complete with open source Java libraries. The Java libraries and compiler are available in source form at GCJ allows developers to write applications in the Java programming language for the Linux operating system. By compiling to machine code rather than byte-code, the Java Compiler technology enhances application performance more than 20x that of an interpreted application, it's claimed. The Java technology is also suitable for embedded systems developers. The GCJ technology was developed using the firm's GNUPro framework and allows Java source code and byte codes to be compiled to native code. GCJ and the libraries and available for Linux OS off the website. Embedded developers wishing to use GCJ may contact the company for availability on the more than 125 host/target combinations in the product matrix.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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