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OpenVPX Module Enhances Military Applications

OpenVPX Module Enhances Military Applications

Creating subsystems for defense apps, the Ensemble 6000 Series 6U, OpenVPX LDS6520 module embarks as the first to combine Intel’s Core i7 processor with the POET fabric interconnect, the company’s protocol offload technology. The module enables a serial RapidIO or low latency 10-Gb Ethernet data plane to connect a number of Core i7 processors and FPGAs. The POET capability facilitates high-speed data connections and system scaling for Intel devices. The LDS6520 supports two XMCs and a dual-core processor and is available in air-cooled and conduction-cooled rugged versions. Initial configurations support both serial RapidIO 1.3 and serial RapidIO 2.1 to the backplane while POET technology enables future configurations with 10-Gb Ethernet. MERCURY COMPUTER SYSTEMS INC., Chelmsford, MA. (866) 627-6951.


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