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OS Features Memory Protection

Designed for mission-critical applications requiring memory protection and secure operation, the Integrity real-time operating system (RTOS) integrates Trillium Digital Systems' advanced portability architecture (TAPA) interface. The inclusion of this interface is said to give users access to a broad range of communications protocols and a number of PPC860 and 8260 device drivers. The high-availability, fault-tolerant RTOS features memory protection capabilities, dynamic download, task- and system-level debug, optional POSIX support, and embedded Internet and telephony protocol support. It is fully integrated with the company’s Multi 2000 development environment, which combines a family of optimizing C/C++/Ada95 compilers with a source-level debugger, version control system, source editor, browser, profiler, run-time error checker, simulator, and real-time EventAnalyzer.


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