Electronic Design

OS Provides Remote Management For 8-Bit MCU

Rabbit Semiconductor's RabbitSys operating system enables developers to take advantage of the 8-bit Rabbit 4000 microcontroller's memory-management unit and Ethernet support. RabbitSys also provides remote updates and debugging via an Ethernet link.

The application is isolated from the operating system, so remote manipulation and downloads are always possible. This can significantly reduce deployment costs since a technician doesn't have to physically replace a module to correct a problem or provide an upgrade.

RabbitSys works with applications developed using Dynamic C, Rabbit Semiconductor's integrated development environment and C compiler. Dynamic C works with RabbitSys running on core modules that incorporate a Rabbit 4000 processor with SRAM and flash memory.

RabbitSys is available for $229. Development kits start at $409. Core modules start at $96.


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