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OSEK Simulator Speeds 68HC12-Based Designs

Designed to simplify the development of designs using the OSEK/VDX RTOS running on Motorola's 68HC12 microcontrollers, the Flex-Sim/CPU12/OSEK simulator is suitable for developing OSEK systems where the target hardware is not yet available. The simulator provides functions that include bank switching and page mode support, instruction pre-fetch simulation and instruction trace with cycle, data, address, disassembly, 'C' source code, and timing information. Trace input filtering, advanced trace search and interrupt simulation are also available. Users can set execution and breakpoints and a macro language can automate repetitive procedures. The simulator is downloadable for free at the company's website and includes tutorials and development examples. Once installed, the simulator provides the user with full functionality for a 15-day trial period.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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