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Partitioning Solution Secures Multi-Core Systems

An operating-system partitioning solution for multi-core systems—QNX Secure Partitioning for Multi-Core Processors—offers the first secure memory and CPU partitioning capability for multi-core systems, according to QNX Software Systems. The solution eliminates the restrictions of prior partitioning schemes. Embedded developers using multi-core hardware can now apply secure partitions in their designs to guarantee real-time response times and contain threats, while maximizing resource usage and performance.

Designers have the flexibility to either lockdown a set of applications in fixed partitions or to optimize CPU use through adaptive partitions. They can even employ the two techniques simultaneously, depending on the prioritization of each function. QNX partitioning technology guarantees CPU time for applications when the system is heavily loaded. It can also dynamically re-assign unused resources from the partitions not under full load to those that need additional processing time. This allows higher performance by increasing CPU usage. QNX Secure Partitioning for Multi-Core Processors also speeds system design by permitting engineers to pre-allocate guaranteed system resources for subsystems added later in the design cycle.


QNX Secure Partitioning for Multi-Core Processors is commercially available now. Memory-partitioning capabilities will be available for beta trials in August.


Contact the company for price information.


Visit www.qnx.com.

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