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PC Cards Expand Data Acquisition Options

Two new PC Cards for data-acquisition (DAQ) applications are claimed to provide the advanced functions and technologies found only in the company's larger, E Series DAQ devices. The general-purpose DAQCard-6062E is a 12-bit, 500-kS/s multifunction I/O card with analog-output waveform capability. It provides 16 analog-input channels, two analog outputs, eight digital I/O lines and two 24-bit counters.
The DAQCard-6715 is an eight-channel analog-output PC Card with the ability to generate waveforms at 1 MS/s. A 16,384-byte FIFO memory enables continuous output at rates up to 1 GS/s. Both cards feature a newly designed shielded latching connector that keeps the cable firmly attached to the card.
Included with each card is the company's NI-DAQ driver software and a programming interface for use with a variety of programming environments and languages. The DAQCard-6062E costs $1195 and the DAQCard-6715 is also priced at $1195.


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