Electronic Design

PC-MIP Mezzanine Card Eases Design With Nonvolatile FRAM

Versatility is the hallmark of the P15 PCI-MIP mezzanine card, which holds up to 512 kbytes of nonvolatile FRAM. To accommodate 1.5 Mbytes of nonvolatile memory, three units can be configured on a 3U carrier card. Optionally, as many as six P15s can be mounted on a 6U PC-MIP carrier card to yield 3 Mbytes of FRAM. Because the access times for FRAM technology are the same as that of standard SRAM memories, system design can be simplified using the P15 card. It operates over the industrial temperature range from −40°C to 85°C. Available now, the 256-kbyte P15 starts at $315 and the 512-kbyte version starts at $428. All pricing is for single-unit quantities.

MEN Micro Inc.
www.men.de; (972) 939-2675

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