Electronic Design

PC/104-Compliant Module Incorporates Analog And Digital I/O Functions

The ADIO-104 blends the most requested analog and digital I/O functions in a single PC/104-compliant module. It's designed to satisfy mainstream and cost-sensitive applications. The 16 single-ended 12-bit analog inputs are independently programmable to operate in one of four ranges: ±10, ±5, 5, and 10 V. This effectively increases the dynamic range to 14 bits when using range-switching software techniques. The ADC operates up to 50 ksamples/s. It allows the separate acquisition and conversion intervals to be controlled by the host software or automatically timed by the ADIO-104 hardware. A special feature allows simultaneous (phase-coherent) acquisition on identically configured analog input pairs. In 100-unit quantities, the ADIO-104 costs $352.

(781) 293-3059; www.scidyne.com

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