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PCI-SIG Developers Conference To Provide Inside Look At New Technologies

PCI special industry group PCI-SIG will hold its sixth annual PCI Developers Conference on June 8 and 9 at the San Jose Conference Center in San Jose, Calif.

It will offer attendees technical training sessions that highlight PCI Express, I/O Virtualization, and member implementations, as well as technical sessions that focus on PCIe 2.0 and IOV architectures. An exhibit area will showcase the latest developments and designs based on PCI technology from Agilent, Allion, AMd, Cadence, and other industry leaders.

Attendees will choose from one of four tracks that will focus on different areas of development in the industry. The PCI Express track will include lectures on the future of PCI Express and PCIe 2.0 physical-layer architectures, as well as protocol and form factor updates. The I/O virtualization track will focus on address translation services, multi-root resource allocation, and other virtualization trends. A third track will provide an introduction to PCI technology, while the fourth member implementation track will give PCI members guidance about how to implement the latest standards into their designs.

For more information about the sixth annual PCI Developers Conference, visit

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