PCIe Gen3 Expansion Appliance Integrates Tesla GPUs

PCIe Gen3 Expansion Appliance Integrates Tesla GPUs

Up to 73.3 TFLOPS of computational power is possible with One Stop Systems’ first PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 3 expansion appliance, dubbed the 3U High-Density Compute Accelerator. NVIDIA Tesla K10 GPU accelerators drive the computational power. The CA16000 appliance consists of a rackmount chassis, three modular power supplies, front bezel, and four GPU canisters—each preloaded with four Tesla GPU accelerators. A fan located on the front of each canister, plus four exhaust fans mounted on the rear of the enclosure, provide cooling. Canisters and power supplies slide into the front of the chassis, and the front bezel snaps into place. One to four servers then can be cabled to the rear of the enclosure. Each connection operates at aggregated Gen3 speeds of 128 Gbits/s. An IPMI 2.0-compliant internal system monitor provides system-operation data, control, and alarming functions (e.g., fan operation, voltages, and temperature) at several points in the enclosure, including NVIDIA GPU telemetry. Redundant Ethernet ports on the rear of the enclosure provide a remote interface.


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