PCIe I/O Card Packs 24 Isolated Digital Inputs, 24 FET Relay Outputs

PCIe I/O Card Packs 24 Isolated Digital Inputs, 24 FET Relay Outputs

Designed for high-voltage protection in industrial control and monitoring applications, the PCIe-IDIO-24 PCI Express I/O card boasts 24 optically isolated digital inputs and 24 solid-state FET relay outputs. The x1 PCI Express device, developed by ACCES I/O, can be used in any available PCI Express slot. Optocouplers rated for 2500-V isolation help protect industrial systems against high voltages or currents caused by line surges or ground loops. The solid-state outputs can switch from 5 to 34 V dc at 2 A continuous. Polarity-insensitive ac-dc inputs accept up to accept up to 31 V dc or ac rms. Change-of-state (COS) detection on all inputs (including TTL lines) will generate an interrupt whenever one or more of the digital inputs changes state, eliminating the need for constant polling and reducing overhead. Software-configurable filters on the inputs handle electrically noisy environments. The card also includes 12-channel I/O, with input- or output-only versions available. I/O is accessed via a 78-pin DB female connector on the card’s mounting bracket.


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