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PCIe-To-PCI-X Bridge Supports 1-Gbit Operation

The Tundra Semiconductor Tsi384 PCIe-to-PCI-X interface supports one, two, or four lanes with throughput performance of up to 1 Gbit/s. The Tsi384’s deep buffering and superior queuing architecture maximize system performance and minimize latency. Pin-compatible with competing PCIe (PCI Express) bridge products, the device also supports a maximum payload of up to 512 bytes to allow better throughput efficiency. The bridge’s PCI/X interface can operate up to 133 MHz in PCI-X mode or up to 66 MHz in PCI mode.

Support for transparent, opaque, and non-transparent addressing offers designers extensive flexibility. Non-transparent bridging is needed for applications such as intelligent I/O adapters that have a processor on the secondary (PCI/X) bus. The interface also can manage power to minimize power consumption, resulting in a typical dissipation of 1.3 W.

The Tsi384 is sampling now in lead-free, RoHS-compliant packaging. Volume production is scheduled for later this year in both standard and RoHS-compliant packaging. Volume pricing starts at $19.00. For more information, go to www.tundra.com/Tsi384.

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