PCIe/104 SBC Based On 4th-Gen i7 Core Processor

PCIe/104 SBC Based On 4th-Gen i7 Core Processor

To extend its range in small form-factor embedded computing, ADL Embedded Solutions developed the ADLQM87PC PCI Express (PCIe)/104 single-board computer (SBC) based on the fourth-generation Intel Core processor (previously called “Haswell”). The Haswell architecture is built on Intel’s 22-nm tri-gate process technology. The SBC, which is an enhanced version of the company’s second-gen ADLQM67PC platform, adds features such as USB 3.0, TPM v1.2, and an onboard minicard socket for miniPCI3e and mSATA modules. These features open the door to applications such as Wi-Fi and onboard bootable mSATA flash modules. There’s support for a variety of next-generation interfaces: Display Port, DVI-D, HDMI, and embedded-DP. A full complement of I/O includes 6-Gbit SATA, two GLANs, eight USB2.0s, two USB3.0s, and a downstacking Type 1 PCIe/104 bus for peripherals.


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