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Physical And Mask Verification System Speeds UDSM SoC Designs

Three new products have been developed as part of the company's SinglePass-SoC solution established to address the challenges posed by aggressive ultra-deep sub-micron designs. Columbia, scheduled for initial release in Q2 2001, is a chip-assembly solution for SoCs that are as large as 50 million gates and operate at GHz speeds. Astro, currently in beta with selected customers and available in Q2 2001, is a 4th generation physical design system engineered to accommodate the future design requirements of 50 million gate and GHz SoC designs implemented in UDSM process technologies. Venus, scheduled for initial release in Q3 2001, is a new physical and mask verification product. Venus has been architected to address the future design requirements of 100 million-gate mixed signal SoC designs at 0.1 micron and beyond. These products, available on Sun Solaris and HP U/X operating systems, work seamlessly together to provide a complete hierarchical physical design capability for mixed signal designs.


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