PikeOS 3.5 Supports Hardware Virtualization

PikeOS 3.5 Supports Hardware Virtualization

To meet the challenges of highly integrated systems with strong safety and security needs, SYSGO added hardware virtualization into version 3.5 of its hypervisor PikeOS, enabling the execution of guest operating systems without any adaption. In addition, its use of ElinOS 6.0 and Android 4.3.1 enhances PikeOS Native personality and improves Linux support. Among the new Native personality features are a standard C programming environment (plus C library and Math library services), C+ language programming environment, and virtual address space management. PikeOS 3.5 integrates support for the ARM Virtualization Extensions, introduced in the Cortex A15 SoC family, into its virtualization technology. The PikeOS Virtual CPU Personality enables execution of an unmodified guest operating system inside a PikeOS partition without compromising performance. Guest operating systems can be connected via the generic P4Bus to PikeOS interpartition communication services and the PikeOS file system. The CODEO integrated development environment (IDE), based on Eclipse 4.3, was also updated (version 5.1), speeding up the configuration process of ELinOS and Android personalities.


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