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Platform Puts Linux-Based cPCI Multiprocessing System Development On Fast Track

The firm's CompactNET multiprocessing technology has been combined with the LinuxPCI 1000 development system to help designers speed up implementation of Linux-based CompactPCI multiprocessing systems for DSL and PBX systems, IP telephony, voice processing, and other telecomm and Internet equipment. The CompactNET version of LinuxPCI 1000 comes ready to run MontaVista Software's Hard Hat Linux, an embedded version of Linux with the reliability and responsiveness required for applied computing applications. A pre-tested kernel of Hard Hat Linux comes with each system.The CompactNET option on LinuxPCI 1000 adds one or more peripheral master CPUs (based on Pentium II processors) to the standard LinuxPCI 1000 configuration, which incorporates a Pentium II processor, core peripherals, and cooling and power, all residing in a 10U high, 19" rack-mount enclosure. Each processor can run its own copy of Linux and communicates with other processors over the CompactPCI backplane through standard network protocols.

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