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Platform Spurs Move To UML 2.0

Rhapsody 5.0 takes advantage of UML 2.0 (Unified Modeling Language) enhancements to provide a more robust, model-based development environment. Rhapsody 5.0 includes a few unique enhancements as well. It supports UML profiles, including the real-time UML profile, RTUML. There's also support for ports and reference interaction in sequence diagrams.

Rhapsody adds support for tags, which can be placed on any object and add attributes that can be employed within the application. I-Logix also included hyperlink support, allowing objects to be linked to any document.

Language-independent-type modeling enables a common-type definition like RhpInteger to span different programming languages. This is handy in large projects where different programming languages are used in various components of a system.

C developers new to UML will appreciate the Function Block Modeling approach added by the company. It should be more familiar to C developers than the conventional UML object-oriented approach.

Pricing starts at $11,000 per user.


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