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Plug-In Enhances Embedded Systems Development Suite

A plug-in, the Application Loader, is available for the company's real-time embedded systems development tool, OSE Illuminator. The addition enables developers to upload and download code from a running target system, saving time and allowing field upgrades of already installed products without halting the system.
The Application Loader is fully integrated with the OSE Illuminator tool suite and features a new graphical user interface that provides drag-and-drop functionality. Loading and unloading of applications can be performed from a PC/Unix host, from a local file system, or from flash memory on the target. This means that devices already deployed in the field can continue to function while being upgraded. The suite of debugging and analysis tools in the suite are claimed to operate at the highest level of abstraction. They allow application designers to debug based on the events of the application, such as messages sent between processes and context switches. The program provides a clear view into how an application is using system resources such as CPU and memory. Pricing starts at $1000 for the full suite.

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