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PMC Hosts Dual PowerPC 7447 Processors

For standard or symmetric multiprocessing applications, the PMC-106 comes with one or two Altivec-enabled MPC7447 processors operating at up to 1 GHz, each with 64 KB of L1 cache and 512 KB of internal L2 cache. The card supports up to 256 MB of DDR SDRAM with a peak memory bandwidth of 2 GB/s. Other features include a 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X interface, Gigabit Ethernet interface, two RS-232/422 interfaces, and six general purpose LVTTL discrete I/Os that are interoperable with 5V TTL. Operating system support includes VxWorks/Tornado, INTEGRITY, and Timesys Linux. The card comes with a software suite that includes a run-time library supporting applications compiled to run without a real-time operating system. Pricing starts at $4,000. For more information, contact Jerri-Lynne Klassen at DY 4 SYSTEMS, Ontario, Canada. (613) 254-5112.

Company: DY 4 SYSTEMS

Product URL: Click here for more information

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