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PMCs Mate I/O With Counter/Timers

The PMC424 combines 40 I/O lines for TTL and differential signals with four 16-bit counter/timers and the PMC464 provides 64 TTL I/O lines plus four 16-bit timer/counters whose TTL- compatible thresholds provide six operating modes. The modes support PWM, watchdog timer, event counter, frequency, pulse-width, or period measurements; one-shot or repetitive one-shot functions are also supported. Two 16-bit timers can be combined to form one 32-bit timer. The PMC424 divides its I/O channels into 24 differential and 16 TTL types, with the differential channels being selectable in four-channel groups. I/O channels on PMC464 are divided as 16 individually programmable channels and 48 channels with direction configurable on an eight-channel basis. Both modules offer bi-directional I/O. Prices for PMC424 and PMC464 are $700 and $600, respectively. ACROMAG INC., Wixom, MI. (800) 881-0268.


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