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“Pocket” Printer Integrates Bluetooth Stack, IC

The BlueStack and Interface Express software packages from Cambridge Consultants have enabled PlanOn Systems Solutions Inc. to design a “pocket-size” printer with Bluetooth connectivity. The Printstik, which measures just 48 by 25 by 280 mm (1.89 by 0.9 by 11.02 in.), incorporates the BlueStack software on a single BlueCore chip from Cambridge Silicon Radio. The ruggedized printer weighs 680 g (1.5 lb.).

The BlueStack software uses a wide range of Bluetooth “profiles” from the Interface Express Suite to enable application-level communication with other enabled devices such as phones, PDAs, and laptops. Embedding the software onto the BlueCore chip allows the applications to run natively with the chip rather than on a separate host processor.

“From a commercial perspective, Cambridge Consultants had the ideal model for us, supplying profiles and protocol stack pre-optimized for deeply embedded applications like ours with limited hardware resources,” said Neal Dass, manufacturing director at PlanOn. “This flexibility and ease-of-integration, together with the package of full support provided by Cambridge Consultants, has enabled us to quickly take Printstik from concept to production, creating the competitive lead we need in this fast-paced market.”

Printstik is available now in North America and will be available soon in Europe and other areas.

Cambridge Consultants

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